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Sticki Tiki Wall Decals

"Peel it, stick it, remove it, re-stick it, re-arrange it, play with it, re-use it, LOVE IT.'

These wall decals are made in collaboration with Sticki Tiki, a wonderful New Zealand owned and operated wall decal company. All decals are produced in their home studio in Christchurch. You can find more wall decals on their website.

The decals are printed on a fine, self-adhesive fabric with a beautiful texture. The adhesive doesn't change over time so you can leave these on your walls for years!

These decals won't wrinkle, rip or damage your space. They can go in or around corners, on ceilings or even outdoors! They can be repositioned countless times, if they stick together just peel the apart, and they are easy to clean - just wipe those little fingerprints away.

Here's my favourite part.
Each piece of the decal is an individual sticker. This means you have total creative license in how you apply your design! Combine all the pieces into one artwork, or place in separate spaces around the house. You can use the green strokes to make grass, connect them with a flower to make a stem or combine them to make trees! Use the individual spots as rocks or round flower stems - the world is your oyster!


I can't wait to see what you create!

Email to order.


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